Clinton’s Core Value

Clinton has integrated the work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into the company’s overall management system and assigns great importance to firm business ethics and morals. By linking to the UN Global Compact, Clinton confirms its commitment to respect its fundamental principles in the fields of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption.

In addition, Clinton is committed to promoting and sharing the application of CSR basic rules with their suppliers.

Supplier and Employees

Clinton urges its suppliers and employees to participate in CSR work by engaging in continuous improvement within the areas specified in this statute. Clinton’s CSR agreement for suppliers and employees establishes the rules that will follow in their operations around the world. Suppliers and employees who sign this agreement shall, in addition to complying with the rules set out in this section, also comply with international, national and regional laws and regulations applicable to their operations, within the countries in which they operate.

Consideration of this agreement will be implemented with all business relations between Clinton and its suppliers. Clinton encourages suppliers to join the UN Global Compact and to promote these basic rules to their own suppliers and stakeholders.


Customers and partners for ethics and good business practice

Conflict of Interest

Clinton assumes that suppliers / employees do not share or try to influence decisions in circumstances that can create a real or perceived conflict of interest. These circumstances may be of commercial or personal interest, financial or other, directly or through a related person. If a supplier / employee become aware of a potential conflict of interest, this shall be communicated to Clinton’s CEO as soon as possible.


As a Clinton supplier, you will act in accordance with the basic rules applicable to competition on equal terms and in accordance with the laws and regulations governing this.

All companies that demonstrate that they can manage Clinton’s CSR and are interested in delivering to Clinton are welcome to show their interest.

Clinton employees shall act in accordance with the basic rules applicable to competition on equal terms and in accordance with the laws and regulations governing this.



Clinton employees / suppliers do not offer any employee gifts or invitations that may affect (or may be considered as affecting) Clinton employees’ judgment affected by their relationship with the supplier. Gifts offered exclusively as a courtesy are only accepted if they are within the limits of the law. Clinton employees will never accept gifts in cash.



Corruption is not compatible with Clinton’s values and our commitment to the UN Global Compact and its ten principles. It is therefore our employees / suppliers responsibility to follow this and prove our commitment by leading as a good example.


Environment and sustainable projects


Clinton is committed to minimising environmental impacts in our operations and products / services as well as developing solutions that help conserve and save energy.

Clinton complies with environmental legislation and emission permits and is committed to introduce and comply with environmental management rules and systems, as well as strive for continuous development within these fields.


Project Responsibility

Clinton will provide a continuous development with a focus on sustainable execution and strive to deliver even results to all projects.


Development of employees and human rights

Work hours and Competence

Clinton complies with local legislation regarding working hours and minimum wages, and strives to provide all employees with the skills and resources necessary for development and education.


Working relationship

All Clinton personnel shall treat each other with respect and support each other if needed.


Health and Safety

Clinton employs necessary resources to ensure the health and safety of their employees in their workplace.  This is achieved through continuous improvement of safety practices, according to applicable legislation and a health and safety management system.


Equality, Diversity and Justice

Clinton respects equal opportunity rights and seeks to provide their employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. Clinton’s suppliers’ employees are treated with fairness and dignity.


Human Rights – Forced Labor, Child Labor and Trafficking

Clinton respects human rights and seeks to provide their employees with a work environment free of child labour and forced labour.

Clintons suppliers’ and employees are treated with fairness and dignity.


Constant development

Clinton works constantly to develop and improve our personnel, operations and services so that each completed assignment will be a recommendation for future missions.