Executive Management

Martin Wikmar
Board Member

Mr Martin Wikmar became CEO of Clinton Marine Survey in December 2014. He has over 24 years’ experience of business development, organizational growth, offshore management, technology development- and subsea operations in Hydrography, Renewables and Oil & Gas industry.
He has held several senior positions in the survey industry and is a recognized expert in the integration of survey sensors onto ROVs, vessels and a committee member of Norwegian Offshore Survey & Positioning organization(NOSP).
He holds a Master of Science in Automation & Mechatronics from Chalmers University of Technology, (Sweden) and degree in Finance & Management at BOND University (Australia).

Sara Andersson
Reporting Manager

Mrs Sara Andersson joined Clinton in April 2016 and she is responsible for the Reporting Department including QHSE. Over eight years of experience in marine survey and offshore projects. Worked for numerous years as offshore and onshore geologist and report coordinator specializing in geotechnical sampling, interpretation and reporting. Moved on to work with project planning and management for several large offshore survey projects including the ROV inspection work prior to and during installation of the Nord Stream pipelines. Spent the last few years focused on tendering and project planning for projects ranging from pipeline inspection work to environmental habitat mapping. Now coordinating and developing reports and product deliveries for marine survey work covering hydrographic to UXO and geophysical projects.
Sara holds a Master of Science in Marine Geology and & Chemistry.

Anders Wikmar
Survey & Technical Manager
Board Member

Mr Anders Wikmar joined Clinton in January 2015 as the company’s Survey Manager and as a part of the management team. He has 13 years’ experience in the field of Hydrography, Renewables and Oil & Gas industry as a Surveyor, Senior Surveyor, Offshore Manager, Tender Manager and Project Manager. During this time he has gained extensive experience in planning and execution of offshore and subsea operations. He takes pride in constantly develop software solutions and the integration of survey sensors in order to achieve the best possible results in a cost effective manner.
Anders has a CAT-B degree from Skill trade BV.

Jessica Ask
Hydrographic Manager

Mrs Jessica Ask joined Clinton in December 2015 and is responsible for the hydrographic department. She has over seven years’ experience of operations in Hydrography, Renewables and Oil and Gas industry with focus on calibration, processing, QC and QA of bathymetry data and positioning. She has extensive experience in IHO S-44 surveys and has worked in projects with FTA, NHS, SMA and MCA. She has 5 years of experience in practical oceanography studies, using ADCP, CTD and water sampling for chemical analyses.
Jessica holds a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography from Gothenburg University.

Robin Dymlind
Geophysical Manager
Board Member

Mr Robin Dymlind joined Clinton in April 2015. He has 10 years of marine geophysical experience in processing, project management, data automation and process and technology development in Site Surveys, Cable Routing, Renewables, Unexploded Ordnance in the offshore Industry.
He has extensive experience in working towards large and high end clients in several projects in the renewables and Oil & Gas industry.
Robin has built the Geophysical Department at Clinton and he drives the competence and software forward by pushing the boundaries of existing solutions.
He has held several positions in different projects such as Geologist, Geophysicist, Geophysical Advisor, Report Coordinator, Chart Editor, Project Manager and expertize consultant towards clients.
He has bachelor of Science Programme in Petrology from GVC Gothenburg University.