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ROV Inspection

Our ROV system are designed as a use in multiple applications or operations. Using a Videoray PRO 4 Plus BASE, the remote operated vehicle hosts all the standard items required of an inspection class ROV while still having room for tooling and sensor expansion if needed. The vehicles are lightweight and can easily be deployed and retrieved from our vessels.

  • Clinton provides equipment and techniques including:
  • Blueview Surveys
  • Object Inspection
  • Harbour Inspection
  • UXO Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection measurement
  • Manipulator arms for search and recovery

THE PRO 4 Plus BASE Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system has been specifically configured to quickly and effectively perform advanced underwater imaging tasks. The Plus BASE ROV system is a portable and cost effective advanced solution that can be deployed in minutes and operated by one person if necessary.

A Videoray PRO 4 Plus BASE ROV has the following features and are available on the vehicle:

  • Submersible Dimensions: 37.5, 28.9, 22.3 cm (14.75, 11.4, 8.75 in)
  • Submersible Weight: 6.1 kg (13.5 lb) with Full Ballast Set
  • Total System Weight: (2 Cases): 38.5 kg (85 lbs)
  • Depth Rating: 305 m (1,000 ft)
  • Thrusters: 2 Horizontal and 1 vertical
  • Camera: High Resolution - NTSC Format
  • Lighting: (2) Optimized LED Arrays, 3,600 lumens per light (7,200 total)
  • Sonar: BlueView Imaging Sonar