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Topographical Survey

Clinton produces highly accurate and detailed topographical surveys, from nearshore sites to urban environments. We believe our strength is our understanding of our clients' needs and requirements, which enables us to deliver a state-of-the-art service and delivery.

Our experienced strong team is currently working throughout from large scale projects to more densely situated locations, Clinton is able to undertake many types of topographic surveys and produce AutoCAD drawings to scale or data exchange format files. Aided by the latest Leica Total Stations, GPS & 3D scanning technology.

Clinton provides our clients with a cost effective solution to Survey, Draft and Issue the Final Drawings. From conventional survey techniques using Total Stations ranging to satellite technology GNSS, to High Definition 3D scanning.

Clinton has the latest technology at our disposal and our highly competent personnel have skills and experience of various situation to match the end product. All of our equipment is supplied by Leica or Trimble, leaders in modern survey equipment, this integrated package guarantees high standards of quality assurance for your project.

Topographical services:

  • Site survey on landfall
  • Full feature survey - A complete survey of the terrain to record the position of the street furniture, road lines, buildings, services, contours, embankments, vegetation etc.
  • Tunnels and Caverns with SBG software GEO
  • Bevers Navigation for drilling rigs
  • Boundary verification - Basic outline of a projects periphery.
  • Ground levels - A grid of levels or volumetric calculations.
  • Surface features such as high level electrical cables and telecoms to sub-surface buried comm's cables, water pipes etc.