UXO Survey

Clinton Marine Survey are experienced in both magnetometer and gradiometer surveys for UXO and work closely with clients, manufactures and software providers to maintain high quality services and also to be in the forefront of UXO marine detection.

Typical sensors to be used during a UXO survey are the following:

  • High resolution MBES
  • Gradiometer system
  • Magnetometer
  • Sub bottom profiler system
  • Side Scan Sonar

Clinton uses the G-882 Marine as source for magnetometer. The G-882 is designed for operation from small vessels for shallow water surveys as well as for large survey vessels for deep tow applications.

Our surveyors and geologists are internationally acclaimed experts in operation, data analysis and are actively involved in magnetometer systems development. The data is acquired through NaviPac and will be post-processed using ‘Oasis Montaj UXO Detect’ software.

Key features in Oasis Montaj:

  • Target analysis and location based on magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data
  • 2D Euler Deconvolution function for depth, size and weight calculations
  • 1D and 2D spatial filters for processing data
  • Lag, heading, sensor offset, and base station corrections for controlling the quality of survey data

All targets will also be cross referenced with results from both side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler if they are available.

Clinton can also provide support during large scale processing project with our extensive competence and experience in UXO development.