About us

Clinton Marine Survey was founded in 2015 with the ambition and purpose of bringing cost effective solutions to the offshore survey industry. We offer high quality hydrographic and geophysical surveys for navigation, dredging operations, charting, marine construction and more. We are today over 60 dedicated employees offering customized solutions for project specific requirements and client needs.

Clinton Marine Survey

We are based in Sweden, in the center of Port of Gothenburg, facing Skagerack with easy access to the entire Europe with our services.

We own a number of vessels specifically designed for working in the extreme shallow to extreme offshore with hull-mounted MBES and SBP systems.

We enjoy to deliver complex geophysical projects with SSS, BCS, MAG, MBES and SBP.

All our vessels are standardized with the same equipment to maximize the knowledge and minimize the number of suppliers to Clinton Marine Survey.

Our personnel is the core and the company culture has a high focus to continue to develop the company for the the future and to make us stronger together to be able to push the boundaries forward with you.




We are focusing on geophysical services and are creating a company which can focus on our projects to be able to develop and deliver our projects at specifications or above.

We bring smart and cost effective solutions to the market by pushing the boundaries together with you.

Join our common dream to create smart solutions to the market.


We are creative and push the boundaries forward, with competence and commitment, to bring cost effective solutions to the market!


We work constantly to develop and improve ourselves so that each completed assignment will be a recommendation for future missions.


With active personnel and strong focus on QHSE -Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental work Clinton ensures that our long-term goal is fulfilled:

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