With active personnel and strong focus on QHSE -Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental work Clinton ensures that our long term goal is fulfilled: That each completed assignment will be a recommendation for future missions in the survey industry.


To be able to achieve this Clinton will:

Focus on customer requirements, needs and expectations to deliver the services and products which has been committed.

Create a customer – supplier relationship in which each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work.

Ensure that the quality policy implemented by the requirements become known.

In our daily work Clinton strives to, think of and care for the environment and our impact on this, including with our emissions.

Clinton has a high focus on maintaining and developing a good work environment as our personnel is our most important asset.

We actively manages a gender equality work. Gender mainstreaming should be a consistent theme in Clinton’s activities in all areas. Equality Plan is the obvious starting point and a concrete tool for ensuring gender equality work impact the organization.

Clinton works with QHSE standards in the marine survey industry and has a quality system certified to ISO 9001: 2008, an environmental management system per ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health and safety according to OHSAS 18001:2007.


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