Clinton is committed to minimize the environmental footprint of our business and services as well as develop solutions that can be used to save energy. Every year we establish ambitious environmental targets that all of us continuously work towards and follow up.

At Clinton, environmental responsibility is taken, among other things, by electrifying our vehicles, reducing travels through digital meetings, minimizing and registering our waste and recycling used materials. We also purchase instruments of the highest quality with a long service life. We have a unique arrangement where data processing personnel are positioned at the Gothenburg office, which reduces the number of travels to and from survey areas.

At Clinton, we conduct annual environmental impact assessments to be aware of what improvement measures there are to take to reduce our environmental impact. We also take environmental aspects into account during the risk assessments that are carried out prior to start-up of projects we are part of.

Clinton complies with environmental laws and emission regulations and is certified in ISO 14001 for environmental management. We are committed to implement and follow the environmental management’s rules and systems and work with continuous development in this area. We always strive to work with suppliers and clients who have a similar approach and commitment to sustainability work as we have.

Reducing our impact on the sea

We know we affect the sea since we are operating at sea but we work to reduce our impact every day. We are 14001 ISO certified and member of Ecovadis. We have all procedures in place to be able to reduce our impact to the sea and the environment as much as we can. We have a partnership with Stena Recycling that handles all our dangerous waste (except for local partners via shipyards and harbours where Stena Recycling not have any operation). Our waste process is the backbone of this to ensure we all do the same. Onboard the vessels and in the office we recycle what we can. In the office we have different boxes for cardboard, food waste, plastic packaging, pet bottles and combustibles.

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