Meet the team Moje

Next up in Get to know CMS is Moje! Moje has a unique way of putting a smile on everyone’s face even if the rain is pouring down during a cold day of surveying.

What is your role at Clinton?

I’m working as a Master in the Fleet department which means that I’m responsible for navigating the vessel and making sure that the conditions for operating at sea are safe. This is important to get optimal data.

How could a typical workday look like?

As part of the Swedish team, I’m traveling to different locations for surveying. The weather conditions are sometimes making it difficult for us to operate but we always try our best to push the boundaries and come up with innovative solutions to constantly improve our work and ourselves.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The company culture and that there are so many energetic people working here! There is a feeling of being a family and my experience is that we genuinely care for each other. What we do is fun and we never back down, when things don’t go as planned we make sure to learn from it and then we have a laugh.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My passion is to sail and be out on the ocean with my fantastic friends and just enjoy life!

Location: Sweden

Time at CMS: 9 months